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About ECP Club


ECP-club is a project established in 2018.

We offer highly valuable and high-profit  services.
This project is not in possession of anybody.

We are a group of enthusiasts, crypto experts, IT specialists, white hats, professional marketers and entrepreneurs who got together to start a new movement in the crypto market with extensive experience.

Everybody can join us on our journey to build a passive income for everyone who is involved. Our mission is to help you making more out of your ECP and increase your ECP asset.


There are several mining operators out there but we are sure that we at ECP-club will serve you best.

Our team has developed a unique algorithm to take mining to a new level and maximize the profits.

ECP-club uses several different mining pools, cloud mining services and algorithms to give you a profit rate beyond the promises of other services.

The most important thing in our philosophy is to increase the value of your ECP. Our profit rates are given to your ECP amount.

We take security seriously. The applied security measures are up-to-date and checked on a daily basis by our security team.

Back ups of the data-base will be made min. 1 time a day and we use different services and wallets to secure your assets.


We love and live the anonymous, decentralized crypto lifestyle.

Therefore, we believe that we must act decentralized and anonymous just like Bitcoin itself.

Unfortunately, the crypto market is going to be regulated very soon. We don’t want to be victimized of the ongoing regulations and we will do anything to protect your privacy and assets for government control.

We are responsible for your capital, so we do everything possible to keep your money and your personal datas safe.


Our promise: We will continuously donate an amount of our company gains to humanitarian aid organizations and publish the transactions.


How ECP Club Works?

ECP-Club will never disclose personal information of its users or send it to any third parties.

         Also, we send no information regarding your profile (Backoffice), profits or purchased digital funds, to local fiscal authority’s of your country even having the official request from them                                                (we can do it only if the user himself decides to provide such a disclosure).

Investor's real name or address is never shown publicly and is never displayed on the website (Besides his own personal profile, aka. "Secure Area"). The investor is allowed to pick any username except for restricted or used ones.

  • 1st Level - 30%
  • 2st Level - 15%
  • 3st Level - 10%
  • 4st Level - 6%
  • 5st Level - 4%
  • 6st Level - 4%
  • 7st Level - 4%
  • 8st Level - 4%
  • 9st Level - 4%
  • 10st Level - 4%
  • joining fees - 10000 ECP
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ECP club have daily withdraw system . 

1. Manual Withdraw request - once the balance show in available - you able to withdraw that available balance.( available balance must be equal or more than min. withdraw qnty.)


There have not  any automated / manual reinvesting system available in ECP-CLUB.


in register page first you register. then In go to your backoffice, under the Tab ‘Deposit’ –  please deposit Excatly -10000 ECP token in your individual deposit Wallet ID ,will be generated.

Note- whenever you deposit , you must include your transaction fees with deposit amount.. ( 10000 ECP token + transaction fees)

One time joining fees is 10000 ECP token


There is no joining limit per person, you can join as much as you want.

One ID -100000  ECP token joining fees.


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